Senior writer and strategist


Hi. I’m Becky Spurbeck. I’m a senior copy writer and content strategist. I’m on a quest to make everything easy to read and easy to understand. More importantly, I’m on a quest to teach others how to do the same thing.

I’ve spent the last 10 years writing copy for some of the most complicated industries – health care, insurance, legal, and finance. And I’ve still managed to create good copy that the average person can understand. Let’s work together to bring your business to the same place.

If your business is ready to create copy that people enjoy reading, let’s work together. I give presentations, lead workshops, and write copy – all in the effort of making the world a little easier to understand.

Always ready for an adventure

When I’m not writing, I like drinking wine. Just kidding – I always like drinking wine. I also enjoy reading, drawing, writing some more, and feeling accomplished after making time to work out. But the best part of my days? Listening to my husband and daughter playing together.