You’re the perfect client

Bold. Risk taker. Trend setter. Status quo-challenger.

Does that sound like you or like the vision you have for your business? We’ll be a good match.

Thanks for letting me make the first introduction. I’m Becky Spurbeck, founder of Strong Writing. And I love working with clients who are willing to put their customers’ needs ahead of their business politics. Does that sound like you? I like you already.

Showcasing expertise for every industry

I’m fortunate to have spent the last decade learning every detail and nuance about a few industries. I could write dozens (probably hundreds) of pages without being given any information about a few topics:

  • Legal advertising
  • Health care
  • Insurance
  • Personal training
  • Interior paint
  • Planning for loved ones with special needs

If your business is in one of those industries – excellent. I know all about it. Even if your business is totally unrelated, I can still showcase your expertise. One of the best parts of being a writer is getting to learn about everything.

I don’t need to be an expert in your industry to write about it well.

When we start working together, we become a team. And as teammates, we both do some of the heavy lifting. Before I start writing your content, I’ll ask you a lot of questions about your industry and the types of clients you want. You don’t need to write content for me, but I do expect my clients share the information only they know. You’ll share information about:

  • Your clients’ main concerns
  • Trends in your industry
  • The things that set you apart from your competition
  • What it’s like working with you

Revisions, revisions. Send me all your revisions.

As a creative professional, my initial reaction is to love clients who approve my writing with few or no revisions. Why? It’s easy. It’s comfortable. And it’s usually fast. If that sounds like you, great.

But as someone who strives to be bold and challenge the industry norms, I also love taking clients who will challenge my writing. I’ve been writing for businesses for 10 years, and I’ve never been offended by the feedback I’ve received. When your feedback is thoughtful and intentional (even if it’s critical), I can help you create something fantastic.

My goal is to create the best content for your clients. And when feedback and revisions take my writing in that direction, I’m all for it.

Let’s start working as a team

Are you ready to ensure your marketing is easy to read and easy to understand? I can help. Send me your name and number or give me a call at 651-341-6643. We can work together to simplify your writing.