Corporate Speaking Events

Presentations in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota

If you create or influence digital content, this is information you need to hear. Learn what simplified writing is and why it’s essential in advertising – regardless of your industry and audience. And you might be disappointed when you learn how much (or little) your users comprehend right now.

I’m Becky Spurbeck, founder of Strong Writing, and I’m an experienced digital writer who is passionate about words. I can teach you how to change your website and marketing materials so your readers’ comprehension doubles.

These sessions are relevant for anyone who creates or influences digital copy — regardless of industry and audience.

I’m an experienced digital writer who understands how people read on the Internet. And I can teach you how to change your website so your readers’ comprehension doubles.

Corporate speaking events are tailored to the needs of each business. Topics we can cover include:

  • Benefits of simplified writing for high-literacy and low-literacy users
  • Objections you’ll hear when you recommend simplified writing — and how to overcome them
  • The best responses to debunk myths about simplified writing
  • Concrete ways to measure the readability of your writing

Let’s work together to present good information

Let’s work together to ensure your website is presenting information that’s easy to understand.

I give presentations, lead workshops, and write copy – all with the goal of making the world a little easier to understand. Does that sound like what you need? Let’s get started. Contact me online or give me a call at 651-341-6643.